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The Aavik Acoustics project

Obviously, we want the products that we design to give you the best sound experience imaginable; however, we also believe that electronic equipment should be an aesthetic piece of art in your home.


Many years of experience in the audio equipment industry
The initiators behind this project, Michael Børresen and Lars Kristensen, both have many years of experience in the audio industry. Together, they have taken part in the creation of the loudspeaker company Raidho Acoustics – a company that has won numerous awards for its innovative and outstanding loudspeakers.

Also, they have years of involvement in the audio cable business, and since 2013 they have had great success with the audio cable company Ansuz Acoustics.

Of course, despite our many years of experience, we do not believe that we know everything there is to know – that is why we joined up with some of the best Danish amplifier designers.


Passionate workaholics
We love what we do, and we could not imagine doing anything else. We are dedicated to our work, and we believe that we can always get better, which is why a project is never really entirely done.

We also love to meet up with customers and dealers, which is why we travel the world doing demos at dealerships and shows. If you would like to meet up with us or if you are interested in buying an Aavik U-300, you can check out our upcoming events or contact us – also on Facebook.

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