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AudioQuest’s founder and chief designer, William E. Low (Bill), likes to say he never wanted a job, and never had a plan. What Bill means is that he became interested in audio equipment as a teenager and then as a college student through his love of music. Eventually necessity led him into designing and managing signal-carrying cables. So, AudioQuest was never planned so much as it evolved …
Like many of his generation, Bill was swept up in the unprecedented rate of change in the popular
consciousness instigated by the music of the 1960s and early 1970s. This revolution changed the fundamental language of our culture forever, and being swept up in this cultural wave had a profound eff ect on Bill’s
direction in life.
Like Apple’s Steve Jobs, Bill attended progressive Reed
College in Portland, Oregon in the early 1970s where he
shared his passion for music by selling audio systems
to his classmates. By 1976, with his college days in the
rearview mirror, Bill found moving to California and
working in audio irresistible. After a one-year stint as a
manufacturer’s representative in the San Francisco Bay
Area, Bill continued south, eventually opening a small,
by-appointment, high-end audio salon in Santa Monica. During this time, Bill recognized that defi ciencies in
signal-carrying cables were a source of a signifi cant
share of the distortion in an audio system (a realization
Bill would also come to regarding video cables by the
time the home theater boom began in the late 1980s
and 1990s).
By the end of 1980, Bill was selling his LiveWire-branded
cable to 42 specialty audio dealers in Southern California.
With no formal business plan and just a few hundred
dollars in the bank, Bill established AudioQuest and
in 1981 expanded distribution throughout the United States and to every continent.
Thirty-plus years later AudioQuest is the premier
provider of high-performance audio and video cables and accessories. AudioQuest’s continuing success is driven by not being held prisoner to existing approaches and never resting on laurels. AudioQuest’s ideals appeal
to newbies with passionate curiosity and people willing
to join us in our never-ending quest for lower distortion and better sound.


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