The DALI CONNECT Stand E-600 is developed for DALI's stand speakers to assure the correct distance to the floor. This to achieve the optimum audio experience.

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  Placement of the speaker is one of the most important things when setting up a sound system. Placing a stand speaker the correct distance from the floor is a very big part of getting the optimum audio experience.

  The DALI CONNECT Stand E-600 is developed to achieve just that, offering a very elegant support solution to the DALI ZENSOR, DALI LEKTOR, DALI IKON MK2 series stand speakers and is made to perfectly fit the DALI MENTOR MENUET.

  Standing on a delicate cut but very robust silk matte painted glass plate the DALI CONNECT Stand E-600 measures 602 mm. The high-gloss lacquered aluminium tube includes cable managements and the black painted iron top plate includes adhesive areas to securely hold the speaker to the stand.

Dimesiuni 602 x 260 x 320 (with spikes)
Greutate 3.4 kg

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